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At Refine Pilates Method we are passionate about Pilates and Functional fitness. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled education for our clients and those wanting to instruct. We offer Balanced Body Educations. A Balanced Body Pilates Education respectfully and comprehensively presents the work of Joseph Pilates. Balanced Body’s signature approach teaches the repertoire, movement principles, class design and client specific applications of each exercise. You will be encouraged to explore and create your own style as a practitioner. Balanced Body and Refine Pilates Method believe this approach respects past, builds the future, and offers the instructor their own voice and path in an ever-growing industry. Balanced Body is committed to produce the highest calibre, innovative, safe instructors. Their master instructors, manuals and video support are some of the best in the industry. 

You will be confident and equipped to instruct reformer Pilates at a Pilates studio, gym group classes, semi or private small groups, at home, outdoors, or in a corporate environment. 

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At the core of what we do at Refine Pilates Method is literally the core.

Balanced Body® Mat Instructor Training

From fundamentals to advanced movement, and wide array of variations in between.

Mat work is the foundation of the Pilates method. The Balanced Body Mat program includes the full repertoire of Pilates exercises, along with modifications and variations to make your program successful for a wide range of clients. By incorporating the Balanced Body movement principles, we give you the power to be a transformative teacher.

Mat 1 (16 hrs) | Mat 2 (16 hrs) | Mat 3 (16 hrs)

Balanced Body® Reformer Instructor Training

Learn to use the iconic Pilates apparatus to power your programming potential!

The Reformer, developed by Joseph Pilates, is an extraordinarily flexible piece of exercise equipment. Learn how to use the Reformer and Pilates exercises to create powerful programming designed to optimize your clients potential.

Reformer 1 (16 hrs) | Reformer 2 (16 hrs) | Reformer 3 (16 hrs)

Balanced Body® Mat & Reformer Training

Learn the fundamentals of Pilates, then expand on this knowledge base with Balanced Body Movement Principles — to emerge an informed, inspired Instructor!

While Mat work is the foundation of the Pilates method, it’s our iconic Reformer that gets all the glory! Experience, understand and embrace both in our Mat & Reformer Combined Program, featuring the full repertoire of Pilates exercises, and variations for practice for clients of all ages and abilities. Incorporating Balanced Body movement principles brings the focus on movement in everyday life, helping you become the creative, transformative teacher you know you can be.

Balanced Body® Comprehensive Instructor Training

Learn how each apparatus works independently—and together as an exercise system—to enhance your practice!

The Trapeze Table, Chair, Barrels and small equipment complete the Pilates exercise system. Each apparatus adds an extra dimension to private or group work. The course is delivered 2 different ways, as individual apparatus modules or combined as Mixed Apparatus modules. Choose which works best for you.

Trapeze Table/Cadillac/Tower (18 hrs) | Pilates Chair Module (14 hrs) | Pilates Barrels (6 hrs)

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